Heimbu teachings

Over time, a series of short essays about all aspects of Heimbu-Stav teaching will gradually be written and made available here. Note that these essays are to be seen as an advanced master course. They are not geared to people with little or no knowledge of Stav. These teachings will not follow any progression, and sometimes what is being taught will not be obvious. So far, Stav has been taught in order to develop teachers, who have spread the knowledge of the art all over the world, but from now on Heimbu is concentrating on the spiritual development of individuals through the practice and understanding of Norse culture and philosophy.

Available The Creation of Heimbu (2009-06-17)
Available The Stances (2009-06-26)
Available The Concept of Balance (2009-06-30)
Available The Heimbu Curriculum (2009-07-01)
Available Apples and Bees (2009-07-03)
Available Hovs, Ves and Study Groups (2009-07-07)
Available Health (2009-07-21)
Available Gratitude (2009-07-24)
Available The Stav-gode (2009-08-01)
Available Stav Squats (2009-08-21)
Available In the Early Morning Rain... (2009-08-29)
Available Yes, No and Maybe (2009-10-03)
Available Make Haste Slowly (2009-11-09)
Available Stand the Man (2009-12-19)
Available The Pendulum (2010-02-13)
Available Anywhere but here (2010-02-26)
Available Festivals (2010-06-01)
Available ...but milk still tastes good. (2010-06-23)
Available ...because of you, I walk the line. (2010-07-31)
Available Who is your teacher? (2010-08-23)
Available Whose fault is it anyway? (2010-08-29)
Available The sacred meal (2011-01-13)
The Heimbu garden The Heimbu garden